Le Sang des Seigneurs

Le Sang des Seigneurs

Since Roman times, Occitania (the actual southern half of France) produces a wide variety of wines still recognized and appreciated by international wine lovers. Between the 9th and the 13th century, led by noble lords who shared their political power peacefully, its culture was glorious and flourishing at these times of prosperity: The Troubadours praised courtly love (fin ‘Amor) while the Lenga d'Òc spread in all European’s educated circles. Its sophisticated cuisine is at the origin of many world-famous dishes.

Le Sang des Seigneurs is a tribute to the sophisticated culture and the spirit of chivalry of the southern lords. Our pleasure wines are the fruits of our passion and a close collaboration with talented winemakers. Le Sang des Seigneurs brings the pleasure to taste elegant and authentic wines that are the expression of our terroirs and our love for the art of wine-making.

Taste the true values of the land and feel the spirit of the knights!

 Christophe Vaudou

I am Christophe, founder of Le Sang des Seigneurs. Raised in a family of epicureans, I was introduced to the pleasure of wine and its subtleties very early on. For thirty years, through professional adventures that have taken me to travel on five continents, I have multiplied experiences and encounters around wines and vines. I discovered the riches offered by a plethora of names from the old and the new world. From this passion and this taste patiently developed over the years, the desire to create a range of pleasure wines Le Sang des Seigneurs was born. Installed in Provence, my work in the cellar and my encounter with talented winemakers allowed me to create a range of wines of character, lively and gourmet. Each wine aims to showcase the best of the southern terroirs and grape varieties that we carefully blend to find the gourmet balance for pleasure wines. Le Sang des Seigneurs wines are made to be shared with family and friends and we are happy to offer them to you today with a pleasure / price ratio that I am sure will seduce you.